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Despite hundreds of golf course design companies producing hundreds of golf courses worldwide, there are only a handful of people in this business that have demonstrated an ability to be able to produce quality work on a consistent basis. These are the architects and course designers that Global Golf Group label as Quality Endorsed Designers. It's important to keep in mind that we have seen and reviewed the work of more than 130 active golf designers; our experience and knowledge in this area is unsurpassed.

Regardless of your location, land quality, budget or ambition, the advantages of a great golf course over a good golf course are substantial. Whether its increasing the value of associated real estate or hotel rooms or simply trying to sell green fees and/or memberships, a great product will always be an advantage because of the positive feedback and acclaim it will draw from golfers and the golf media.

The advantage of using a Quality Endorsed Designer is principally peace of mind, and knowing that the finished product will be of sufficient standard to attract golfers and respected international press. Even within the Quality Endorsed Designers, however, some architects will suit your project more than others, so you should always consult with the Global Golf Group to make sure that your choice of architect is the making of your golf course.

Some signature designers, and non-Quality Endorsed architectural firms are also worth considering for your project, subject to site, budget, location and ambition. Again you should consult with the Global Golf Group to make sure your choices in this area maximize your chances of a quality product.

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