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Although ranking lists make fascinating reading, none are really able to provide an accurate or ‘official’ rank of quality, because the definitive description of great golf has still not been written. There are also large variances in analytical methodology, some judge the quality of a course by considering the individual strength of all eighteen holes, which differs considerably from the more mathematical method employed by magazines, who often compile their ranking lists by assigning scores to criteria like shot values, resistance to scoring, design variety and memorability.

Ultimately, the only truly accurate rankings are an individual’s own, so while the Planet Golf World 100 list is unlikely to meet with universal agreement, it has been published to provide an insight into the personal preferences of author Darius Oliver. In America, Oliver visited every one of Golf Digest's Top 100 and 99 from the GOLF MAGAZINE list. Worldwide he has seen each of the Top 50 courses in Australia and the UK & Ireland, as well as 49 from the Top 50 on the European mainland. There were also visits to all the Top 30 courses in South Africa and Canada together with a host of highly rated championship venues across Asia and South/Central America. After studying more than 1,200 of the world’s finest courses, Oliver is well qualified both to comment on ranking lists and to offer up an alternative view on what are the great courses in golf. We hope, therefore, that you view his list below as both carefully considered and credible, and return often to check for updates. As new clubs are built and existing courses upgraded, so too will the Planet Golf World 100 evolve, any shifts or amendments available right here on the web site.

Planet Golf World 100

Candidate Courses
Listed below are some of the courses that once appeared on the Planet Golf World 100 list and have since departed, as well as those that were close to being included and are strong candidates for the future updates to our World 100 ranking list.
Planet Golf USA - Special Offer

Planet Golf USA named #1 Golf Book in 2009 by GOLF Magazine

A companion to the hugely successful Planet Golf, which Golf Magazine called “absolutely superb, a stunning achievement," this gorgeous book features photographs and detailed reviews of more than 140 of America's finest golf courses, making it the most comprehensive directory ever published on the nation's outstanding layouts.

"PLANET GOLF USA works perfectly on every level. One of golf design's most astute critics, Australian Darius Oliver, has carved out a superb sequel to his original compendium of the world's best courses. What separates-and elevates-this book from other coffee table tomes is the author's insights and candor. Oliver doesn't pull punches, even tweaking the Top 100s where he sees fit, including our own at GOLF Magazine. Agree or disagree, you'll find yourself totally engaged."

Joe Passov, GOLF Magazine

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Stadium Course